International Call to the Defense Camp and Festival of the Autonomous Factory Rog (Slovenia)

Dear comrades!

Factory Rog is a self-organized autonomous space in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Squatted since 2006, it’s been providing space fora variety of initiatives, collectives, ateliers, events and happeningranging from activism, lectures, concerts, sport activities, circus,performative arts, etc. In 2016 the city municipality of Ljubljanadecided to try evicting the occupants of the Factory, on the basis oftheir vision of an artistic-design space meant to make the city centermore attractive for investors.

For the last 3 years some of the users of Rog have been involved in court proceedings, amassing a sizeable amount of court fines, a large chunk still unpaid.The three year long court proceedings also prevented the municipality tolegally empty the buildings of Factory Rog. Now, with the last of the cases settled, the court order forbidding the municipality from encroaching onto the territory loses its validity on 1st of June and weare unsure of what exactly could happen. On one hand our response is trying to establish a dialogue with the municipality that could lead to acceptable solutions for the future of the Factory. On the other hand, past experiences and recent moves of the municipality suggest therepetition of the 2016 scenario. Therefore, until this dialogue happens,and especially if it doesn’t, we need a stable, continuous presence ofsupporters, ready to stand up to any repeated attempts of eviction. We are calling on all people that care for and believe in the value ofautonomous spaces to join us in defending Rog and saving an important bulwark of DIY counterculture and grassroots opposition togentrification and the hegemony of capitalism!

The Defensive Camp and Festival starts on the 31st of May! There will bebarricades, music, workshops & skillsharing, and a range of otheractivities. You are welcome to contribute to the programme. For accommodation purposes inform us when and for how long you intend toarrive, how many people you are, and if you need a space in thedormitories or if you have tents. Write us also about your contributionsto the program.

Spread the word! Spread the resistance!

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